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Cooperation with Office - automatic generation of documents

OfficeLauncher7 is a program to edit offers through a web browser and upload created documents to CRM7 in order to convert them to PDF. CRM7 cooperates with office suites such as MS Office and OpenOffice.

w  Automatyczne uruchamianie edytora tekstu lub arkusza kalkulacyjnego po wybraniu

szablonu pliku

Wersjonowanie ofert i dokumentów

Step I: Install Office Launcher

Office Launcher is an external application that requires single installation on CRM7 user’s computer.

Step II: Filling the Need

Filling the Need is the stage corresponding to registration of inquiry. The data, which is stored in Need form, the system will automatically import to CRM7 and create a document in the stage of editing material.

With such a solution, the user needs to enter the necessary data just once to create an offer or agreement, which will be permanently archived and used any number of times.

Step III: Editing a document in Office

Stage of editing the document is based on automatic startup of text editor or spreadsheet file after selecting a template to complete.

Tags, which are contained in the template, are complemented by the previously entered data on the recipient of the document. Can be tagged with the name, date, salutation, etc.

It is also possible to version the documents, so that the user in the event of an unexpected error, will not lose effects of his work.

Step IV: Finished document

When the document is ready, the Office Launcher export it in PDF format to CRM7 system. The prepared material guarantees a professional look and consistency with other corporate documents. The next step may be shipping the prepared statement, also using CRM7 system.

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