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CRM7 and application service management in FAKRO

FAKRO is a private family-owned company, founded in 1991. It is a dynamically developing company in the field of roof windows. For several years from a small family business Fakro has evolved into an international corporation.


Several years ago, dynamic development of Fakro forced the decision to purchase and implement an ERP system. The system meets broad needs of enterprise computing. Lacked an efficient system to manage customer database and contacts with them.

Selection phase

With such an extensive distribution network throughout the world and a wide range of products offered by the company, standard (boxed) CRM solution was out of the question. FAKRO started searching for suppliers which can individually adjust CRM applications to their needs and demands. Among the many potential suppliers and integrators, for final interviews was chosen more7 Polska Sp. z o.o. The main factors determining the CRM7 choice was experienced provider in individual implementations of CRM solutions in large organizational structures for an unlimited number of users without incurring any additional cost to add more users. Another advantage was the fact that proprietary solutions of more7 Poland to adapt to the individual needs of FAKRO. It was also important the supplier provided full source code of the created software.

CRM7 - specification assumptions

The task posed by Fakro was very carefully worded - CRM7 was to meet the need for collection of commercial data in one consistent place available for users in many countries, depending on the levels of permissions granted. Construction and restoration of organizational structure in the system was a challenge.

Currently, the management of departments, users and permissions is done from the CRM7 System Administration without any knowledge of IT issues. CRM7 combines and improve the flow of information within the company with an irreplaceable function management control of sales and marketing . Available report generators allow efficient management of information . Additional reports facilitates visualization of the results of their interpretations. Appropriate organization of events and procedures registration to manage their schedule allowed FAKRO to obtain significant competitive advantage in the form of even more efficient use of their information resource.


CRM7 is the main tool of merchants. But not only do they continually use the application. Designed for individual needs of FAKRO modules and integration with the ERP system meant that every day the application is also used by people within management, employees and external partners of FAKRO.

For Human Resources dept. was prepared a module for managing the recruitment process. This saves an enormous amount of time and costs associated with the organization calls. The training module can be used for registrating certificates issued and received and training planning. Employees enter data calls for candidates and plan meetings interviews. After an interview or series of interviews, candidates change their status. Data of newly employed persons are transferred to the workers. The other candidates are often re-invited for interviews during the next calls.

Faxes Servers - Backup and sending fax

Another improvement is the combination of an original application in CRM7 - FAX7. Received documents by telefax are stored in electronic form of PDF files in conjunction with the client, which is assigned to a fax number. Subsequently, faxes are distributed by a person in the Registry of the individual employees who deal with the case. It is also connected with the module of registration incoming and outgoing documents.

Full history of contact with the customer is maintained in one place. In the subsequent stages of CRM7 implementation, the system will be equipped with e-mail module, which means completely abandoning existing email clients while maintaining incoming and outgoing mail in the history of contact with the customer.

In CRM7 application stores information about the details of the arrangements with the customer, the purchased goods and services. The database also contains information about potential customers, in particular wholesale customers of windows and additions.

Especially for FAKRO additional application was developed in close partnership with CRM7 - application of service warranty and after warranty of FAKRO products.

Service Management System

With such a vast scale of FAKRO operations, covering a wide range of production indices and hundreds of thousands of sales in virtually every country in the world, the recognition of the service process' risk information was not easy. Both companies have very carefully analysed the formulation phase diagram of full circulation of information and tasks in the service. During the application, consultants of more7 Polska watched way more than once on the site of the former service department. Application of service management is a highly specialized module , thanks to that the whole process of service has been streamlined, including the settlement of these services. Also, during the implementation of the co-application, both companies were virtually in touch to gain a result of fully functional version of running application.

The result was a system based on its performance at the same time in a number of organizational units of FAKRO. Service requests can be submitted from the CRM7 client , then processed by the service department and forwarded to the production department, where products are ordered items. At this stage, the person in the field of production and products can use base module , by which can determine exactly what elements are to be made.

Application support service allows generate many useful reports , among others:

  • Report of amounts allows you to show the number of applications and products, which they concerned, with the possibility of specify the year of production and countries, which allows you to draw the appropriate conclusions in performance and quality of products service, above a specified time and in a particular region or country.
  • Report of faults shows the frequency of spoilage.
  • Cost report shows the costs generated by the service in selected countries, for certain product groups, by selected technicians.
  • Technician jobs report showing in detail the work of selected technician activity.


All processed products for FAKRO are still being developed by more7 Polska. The two companies have also entered into an agreement of appropriate technical support , which provides the company with an uninterrupted FAKRO application development and fast service requests and queries . For Service Requests more7 Polska has provided the company FAKRO with application for support claims made on the application. Each ticket is given a unique number and is further confirmed by both sides by automatically sent email. Each side has available a set of statuses that can be changed with the progress of work on the declaration. Any changes in the system are first tested on separate test applications, and only after the positive verification can be updated on production versions of each application. For this purpose, more7 Polska uses a mechanism to manage the CVS version and update applications.




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