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JAS-FBG is a company providing services in logistics operations and transport solutions. Also offering professional advice and service in the field of export and import goods, including Intrastat.


System selection phase

With the capabilities of CRM7 to adapt to specific of the organization, it has been selected from other CRM systems offered, including company's range of nearly 200 offices and branches scattered throughout the country. Basic requirement of the system, at the same time constituting a barrier for many companies offering CRM software, was number of positions. System had to take more than two hundred members, located both in the center and all the operational units throughout the country. Complicated task was also to adapt the software to a wide range of logistics services provided by JAS-FBG SA, therefore need to develop modules: international and domestic road freight forwarding, groupage and full loads, freight rail, marine, aviation, customs and warehousing and logistics module.


Without a well-functioning CRM system, most companies usually meet following problems:

  • Inability to client characteristics and needs,
  • Risk of loss of knowledge about the customer, including the loss of an employee,
  • No exchange of information between the employees of the company,
  • Inability to coordinate commercial activities
  • Lack of knowledge about client activity and efficiency of employees.

Given the scale of our business and a number of problems associated with the identification of their needs, we came to the conclusion that we can not afford for lack of CRM - says Karol Kubeczka, Director of Marketing in JAS-FBG SA

Because at stake was only full customization and personalization of solutions - the choice fell on CRM7. The implementation of CRM system was designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business activities among the employees of these institutions, improve the level of customer satisfaction with the services and the increasingly accurate selecting potential client to offer new services for existing customers of company.

In summary, the system ideally tailored to the specific needs of the shipping company was sought, that would allow the use of a held resource of customer information and enable a more effective business operations and better service.

Requirements analysis

Implementation began with a detailed analysis of customer requirements. Analysts, during a series of meetings with the team, specified the parameters and functionality of the future system. The result of this phase of the project was requirement specification document, which set of assumptions regarding the functional to specific client objectives. Based on Requirement Specification Document and using the existing system modules in CRM7, team entered Phase Integration and Adaptation.


The implemented system consists of several independent functional modules. Especially for the shipping industry specialized modules were implemented, which allows to save Needs (optional) of customers on consignment. It was decided to archive full details of customer inquiries on consignment using any type of freight forwarding ranging sea, by forwarding traffic (domestic and international shipping and groupage loads) on the rail forwarding ending.

Based on the needs stored in the system (customer inquiries) JAS-FBG employee can now with few clicks generate an offer, which import the relevant assumptions and prices. The offer can be immediately sent to the specified e-mail client.

interesting solution is workflow module for planning and delegation of tasks between users of the system, of course by the previously granted permission.

Implementation in JAS-FBG required from the team of more7 integration with existing accounting system JAS-FBG SA obtained this way greatly improve and facilitate the work of traders, providing information about the speed and potential customers debt. CRM7 system implementation is not only the issue of technical and information, but also a change in the organization and operation of the company.


The key is the fact that the system was matched to the standards adopted in the company JAS-FBG SA previously implemented in accordance with ISO 9001 . System for Customer Relationship Management is the centralized solution using Linux operating system and Web browser on the end user. The advantage of this approach is largely flexibility in managing the application and its care, low hardware requirements on the server side and the client, low cost of implementation and maintenance.

The solution does not require payment of any royalties, regardless of the number of end users connected to the system and the location of use. The ability to use CRM7 through tools such as mobile phones and PDAs makes it an indispensable tool for representatives working in the field.

Noteworthy is also the fact that by using a web browser, there is tracking system using mobile communication techniques. more7 Polska is dedicated to provide solutions that meet the individual requirements of customers. We try to tailor our solutions to specific activities of the company, not the strength to change its operation so as to adapt them to the imposed and inflexible solutions - says Daniel Nuszkiewicz, co-founder and Member of the more7 Board. We earn only on the implementation of the solution, our goal is customer satisfaction.

There is no need to pay for licenses of CRM7, the software comes with a full documentation and source code . This is the basic difference between CRM7, and other such systems. No license fees lowers the cost of software implementation by about 80% compared to other commercial solutions. more7 wants to make money on consulting, implementation and servicing software.

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