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Selected implementations of CRM7

CRM7 in Raben Group

Raben's been operating in Poland since 1991. Functioning for many years, created a stable network of Raben Poland terminals, which employ more than 3,400 employees, facilitates rapid and secure movement of consignments in the country.



Implementation CRM7 Raben Group

Dynamic development of the Raben company made the previously used version of CRM7 no longer efficient for handling all the new aspects of the business. Board of Raben Group decided to appoint a new solution that meets the following requirements:

  • consistent platform for the exchange of information between all branches of Raben Group,
  • Multi-lingual user interface,
  • Full integration with existing IT systems (such as customer financial data, information on consignments),
  • Price and time of implementation.

After completing a thorough analysis of available CRM solutions on the market, Raben Group once again decided to work with the existing CRM system provider - more7 Polska.

Application design and implementation

Areas of activity was identified, which required the introduction of necessary changes and improvements in their daily work .

Preparations began with a series of meetings during which participants identified the needs and requirements of Raben and system users. It is worth noting a very short period of implementation. Within five months more7 Polska has managed to implement a fully functional CRM solution integrated with existing systems.



With flexible management, you can determine patterns of proceedings, reflecting the business processes in the company. Workflow is responsible for automation tasks (processes). It allows for automatic schedule of the next event by defined procedure diagram and an optional call additional actions in the background of the system (eg, client status change depending on the value of the offer).

Activities related to the preparation of the bid so far has been absorbing a lot of time, which included: gathering information about needs of the customer shipping, preparation of tender, re-offer or preparing the contract. Repeatability and time-consuming actions was replaced by automation using workflow module. Application is setting the standard of conduct responsibilities, which allows employees for effective acquisition of new markets and clients, in line with company’s policy.

Integration with Office

One of the objectives of implemented system was transparency, convenience and ease of use for each user, which required the use of a number of complex solutions. An example of application is a module OfficeLauncher7 . OfficeLauncher7 allows for seamless integration CRM7 with popular office suites (MS Office, OpenOffice).

In the process of creating the required document or offer, by selected template, documents are downloaded to the system basing on earlier introduced information (eg, assumptions inquiry, customer shipping needs). They can also be other data stored in the system, such as the company address or name of the contact person.

CRM7 took the necessity of important, but the repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with bidding. Ready offer opens automatically in a text editor (eg MS Office) where it may be further modified. After saving final document as a PDF file it is stored in the system. This results in time savings and improving comfort of sales representatives’ daily work. So created offer will always provide professional and consistent look and image .

Report Wizard - Data Analysis

Report Wizard is a system tool allowing building CRM7 reports , based on selected data sources stored in the application.

The wizard allows you to create any relationship , individual determining the scope of analyzed data, methods and presentation results.

Basis of Report Wizard is the administration panel. It’s drag & drop mechanism allows to create reports and change their settings. In the first step, you specify the data source in CRM7 system, that will be used in the report. Then you set parameters, that result in the appearance of the report. An additional option is the ability of linking report to other, already existing and the definition of further action in relation to the generated records (processes such as the launch of new sales).

Professional tool , which is a wizard, gives the possibility of creating multianalysis . From the overall analysis of the company, you can quickly move to the analysis of the situation in branch and then to analyze specific random in sales. CRM7 signals about situation in the company can go directly to the relevant decision-makers.

The model of cooperation between the Report Wizard module provides a range of analyzes, generates signals such as increases and declines in sales . This allows you to efficiently carry out the necessary changes and improvements to the business.


CRM7 - an innovative system in the structure of Raben Group is not only to improve functioning and measurable financial benefits increase , resulting from more efficient business operations. It is also a proof, that the prospering company focused on the success, there is no limit of effectiveness.

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