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Currently we are increasingly facing the dispersion of employees or working remotely. Coordinating work in this business model is a difficult task.

The solution is to use Projects module, which allows you to manage tasks via the network from a single location, dedicating, supervising and modifying the task.

Assigning tasks to the project

When creating a new team project, it’s important to define its execution on the company and the customer side. It’s essential to create a platform for cooperation, allowing the manager to efficiently allocate tasks to particular groups of performers. Built-in e-mail notifications of all updates are used for informing about every change that was made in a project. The individual projects can collect documents, thanks to the archive.

Team Management

Managing the work of the team is carried out via intuitive Project Manager’s panel, made with the AJAXtechnology.  In the panel of unallocated tickets, you can appoint a person to implement them and make a shift in the hierarchy. Messages with the current time and the status of implementation of customer applications are stored in the tasks pane.


Making a decision on whether or not accepting the task, assigned contractor starts the timer, using the control panel of the employee. In parallel to his panel, manager can track progress in carried out tasks. Thus, communication within the project runs smoothly, without the need for other forms of communication.

Projects module also has functionality for recording, tracking and billing. If the job requires working with subcontractors, it can be recorded in detail with all the costs associated with it. After completing all the planned activities, such as creating quotes, you can make a final decision if subcontract can be include. The next step is clearing the accounting and invoices. Thanks to Projects module, handling and monitoring the profitability of orders is simple and requires no work on other systems.


Basic information

  • Increased speed and efficiency in the implementation of projects,
  • Definition of persons responsible for the implementation of the project for both the contractor and the client-side,
  • Sharing of information, joint planning and execution stages of each task,
  • Elimination of risk factor,
  • Project's ticket management,
  • Monitoring the progress of tasks and the implementation of the project,
  • Management of costs and service duration,
  • Creation of estimates for jobs on the basis of previously collected information on costs.


Project Management

Quick access to detailed infromacji, gathering in one place all the necessary data to carry out the project

Project Management

Insight into the details of applications assigned to the project, with the possibility of their implementation or rejection

Project Management

Insight into the history of the process allows easy archiving of data and collect complete information related to the project

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