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CRM7 system - selected functionality


Knowledge about customers

The company, contact person

A company or individual is a major player in the CRM system, around which all shares and actions are held in the system. CRM7 allows you to define and track of all information, communications and actions taken in connection with the company or person. De-duplication technology ensures that companies have a clear, consistent view of customers and relationships.

history of contact2  

Knowledge about customers

History of contact

CRM7 provides quick access to all collected data associated with records in the system, including a preview of the company, the key sales data, documents and contacts.


Knowledge about customers

Documents archive

The archive is the central place of storing documents in electronic form. Files may be generally available to all users, or only certain people / groups. Documents can also be combined with various parties in CRM7, for example: with the company, contact person, event or occur as a part of the process.





Interactive calendar allows users to view information related to bookings of resources, meetings or colleagues’ holidays. Users have flexibility in sorting and creating events and setting the calendar for daily, weekly or monthly.




Allows users to delegate (assign) tasks to colleagues by posting information on their calendar, including the previously planned activities, and control of implementation - the division of tasks open / closed, and track their response.




Surveys are simple and effective solution for companies who care about the quality of customer service. In CRM7 a user can prepare professional materials determining customer satisfaction and expected demand for the new product. Development of survey is based on a dedicated report generator, so that the response time to customer feedback is reduced to a minimum.

marketing actions  


Marketing actions

CRM7 allows users to supervise the process of carrying out marketing campaigns - from concept creation through implementation, monitoring to checking reactions of attendants. New and split tasks in the event automatically appear in the calendars of individuals responsible for their execution.

contact center  


Call Center

Integrated module for cooperation between CRM7 and a corporate PBX, allows you to shorten the process of telephone customer service – you call, register the conversation and you are automatically redirected to the history of contact with the caller.

mass correspondence  


Mass correspondence (newsletter)

Managers can easily select the target group for the shipment (eg newsletter), or choose from pre-designed templates, and track responses to the shipment, and generate a report on this basis.

serial events  


Planning serial events

Using the work of telemarketing solutions requires the use of specialized solutions. Companies Splitter Module assigns employees to carry phones with selected client base. This allows for centralized, efficient planning of the work of many people. This way, saved staff time can be spent on direct customer service.

Budowa modelowanidowolnych procesw2  


Modelling any business processes

Modeling of a processes is done in the editor, in which by means of symbols and connectors, circuit designer specifies the path of a document or workflow. Designer by creating process, determines its stages, defines the place where decisions are made and identifies the various policy options.

serial planning3  


Automatical assignment of tasks and monitoring

You can use CRM7 to automatically assign tasks to employees in accordance with the current business scheme. Result: precision in defining responsibilities, deadlines and persons responsible for implementation.



Inquiries and orders

The process of service requests is based on the registration details of inquiries, offers, and then checking the conditions of the contract.  Information is registered via static or conditional forms (varying depending on the response). Order may be executed in CRM7 or you can export it to another system.




Offering modules in CRM7 allow you to automatically create documents from the browser, based on data collected in the system and the popular word processors. Transfer of documents used in the system design allows for easy transition to work with CRM7, who takes over the duties of administrative documents.

sales funnel  


Sales funnel

Sales funnel is a visual way to analyze the flow of potential customers through phases of the sales process, as well as planning and forecasting its future rotations. The results can determine where the potential problem lies and get rid of it, by modifying the procedures to be followed, in the course of the campaign commercial.




Integration with external systems

Integration of information systems is the unification of data between applications in a company, with a smooth flow of information from one system to another. We do import data from such systems as WF-MAG, JD Edwards, SAP, Egeria, CDN / XL (Comarch Business Systems).

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Commercial Route Planning

You can optimize the costs associated with the work of sales representatives in the field. CRM7 present the information entered into the system in the form of transparent sales results on a map. This makes it easy to develop the most effective sales network strategy to the designated area and limit your costs associated with employees missions trips.

serial eventssmall  


Automatic planning of trade operations

The functionality allows you to assign firms to import users and groups selected at the same time creating a sales opportunity with an event in the calendar visible for individual employees.


Service after sale


Service module allows maintaining a high quality of customer service wherever sales service / product is accompanied by long-term customer service at predefined conditions. With the support of the service module, a company will not forget about timely implementation of technical review on the client and on time deliver spare parts. In return you get loyalty and increased revenues from the customer.


Service after sale


With the Helpdesk module, customers can report a fault at any time and a service manager has full control and supervision over the implementation of applications. Meanwhile, the service team can focus on working directly in the field.

debt recovery  

Service after sale

Debt recovery

You can have constant supervision over the enforcement of overdue payments from customers. CRM7 automatically sends reminders to customers beyond a specified date or the amount of obligation. The system also automatically suspends services to indebted company / person. Then you can be sure that you have full control over your company's finances.


defining projects  


Defining projects

You can create from scratch a new project, setting a timeframe, assign users to the contractor and the customer or create a budget. Each project can be freely extended by assigning it to another assignment submissions and those responsible for implementing them.

service small  


Panel of project manager

As a project manager in the CRM7, you have complete control over the progress of your subordinates. You can add a new and allocate unallocated application, and at the stage of implementation - keep edit and monitor the effectiveness of actions. Any changes made ​​by the manager are recorded in the e-mails are sent automatically to the people involved in the project.

Tworzenie rozbudowanych raportw3  

Report Wizard

Creating complex reports

The Report Wizard allows you to create multi-layered and complex analysis. Personal data to determine the scope, methods and forms of presentation of the results can dynamically move from the general to the analysis of case studies of sales. In this way, the level of CRM7, signals about the situation in the company go directly to the relevant decision-makers.

warunki raportu2  

Report Wizard

Conditions of report

The report conditions to add an exception to report data set. The introduction of it affects the display of data in the report. You can create a group of exceptions with different conditions, which allows you to generate a complex set of criteria to be met by the requested data.


Report Wizard

Sorting results

Sorting allows you to determine the appropriate order of presentation of the data in the report. This primarily facilitates the analysis and also allows you to focus on the interesting results.

Financial Reports


With the ability to integrate with external financial systems, CRM7 allows to monitor of invoices, as well as prepare global financial reporting. Additional features brings Invoices module for handling the invoicing process in the CRM system.


Financial Reports


The report turns to assessing the financial situation of the company in terms of turnover achieved in comparison to the budget. The ability to track the data at the level of individual client information into a meaningful assessment allows existing sales.


Financial Reports


This report allows you to compare the costs of the service to the profits that resulted. Thanks to this, management of the company has a present insight into financial situation of enterprises broken down by activity.


Sales reports

Potential of offers

The report shows the potential value of sales at various stages of contact with the customer. With it, you can explore the potentials, the value of all bids, at every stage of the sales process separately.

sales funnel2  

Sales reports

Sales funnel

The report shows the number of contracts /tenders at each stage of the sales process. It is also the present value of all bids’ potential with figures divided into stages.

new sales  

Sales reports

Realization of sales plans

The report shows the ratio of sales plans of individual employees in a given period to the pre-determined value. It allows you to examine the degree of implementation of sales plan divided into days of the month.

Raport zdarze supki1  

Sales department’s reports


Event Report is the primarily and most widely used tool to examine the quality of work of employees in the company. It allows you to test the staff effectiveness, for example, in terms of quantity or quality contacts at any time span.


Sales department’s reports

Sales Activity

Using the CRM system, we can also examine the activity of individual employees, compare, and sort them in terms of type of activity, such as telephone calls made ​​or completed events.


Marketing reports

The effectiveness of the mass correspondence

Mass correspondence allows faster contact with many people at the same time. The report allows you to test the effectiveness of feedback from serial correspondence by informing the amount of emails opened and links clicked. Its’ next advantage is facilitating the analysis of customer behavior, allowing to decide who should take the next step in the conversation.


Marketing reports

The effectiveness of marketing campaigns

With the module, marketing campaign planning and conducting of e-mail or telemarketing campais much simpler and more effective. Effective report of marketing campaigns allows for efficient analysis of the number of companies qualified for the next stage of the campaign. This allows you to quickly determine how many customers eventually decided to sign a contract or purchase of goods.

accomplished reven  

Clients reports

Revenues accomplished

The report shows the sales value derived from new customers acquired during the month.


Clients reports

Customers added

The report shows how many companies have been added by the staff at the selected time. This allows you to quickly determine the base increase and potential market penetration by system users.

hot top

Clients reports

Pivotal Clients

The report shows the distribution of customers due to their value to the company. Easily shows which customers are most profitable, and which generate high costs. It also facilitates the analysis of data according to well-known in the Pareto principle, where 20% of key customers generate 80% of the company’s profits.

CRM7 – selected views


CRM7 Pro - new design

Quick access to collected in one place, detailed information and all the data necessary to carry out the project, greatly facilitates daily work of users.

CRM7 Pro - new design

Easy-to-use drop-down list allow quickly move between the necessary elements at a time.

CRM7 Pro - new design

Use of simple and clear icons greatly increases the usability of CRM7 Pro.

CRM7 Pro - new design

Three-dimensional effect along with a touch of minimalism make CRM7 Pro an excellent example of modern design.

CRM7 Pro - new design

Pleasane colors and the use of everyday icons, such as "x" for the outstanding tasks or arrows, make working with CRM7 Pro really easy.

CRM7 Pro - new design

Insight into history of the process allows easy archiving of data and collection of complete information related to the contact with customers.

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