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1. Managing customer base

  • Faster management of knowledge about customers,
  • Completing and updating customer base combined with the history of contacts, planning activities and archiving documents,
  • Creating a central database of information, which can be used either by current or future employees,
  • Reduction of costs associated with customer service.
CRM7 provides quick access to all collected data associated with records in the system, including company overview, key sales data, documents and contacts.
Recording history of contacts
A company or individual is a major player in the CRM system, around which all shares and actions are held in the system. CRM7 allows you to define and track of all information, communications and actions taken in connection with the company or person.
Creating and segmentation of customer base
The archive is the central place of storing documents in electronic form. Files may be generally available to all users, or only certain people/groups. Documents can also be combined with various parties in CRM7.
Registration of documents
You can have constant supervision over settlements with customers and enforcement of arrears. CRM7 automatically sends reminders to customers in debt, stop providing services to the indebted company/person and will follow up its accounting.
Sales and settlement of clients

2. Teamwork

  • A consistent platform for the exchange of data between departments and individual employees,
  • Increase the experience and professionalism of staff,
  • Possibility of establishing a hierarchy of tasks, identifying team members responsible for the execution of orders, planning the project budget, and necessary resources.
Interactive calendar allows users to view information related to bookings of resources, meetings or colleagues’ holidays. Users have flexibility in sorting and creating events and setting the calendar for daily, weekly or monthly.
Group calendar
Allows users to delegate (assign) tasks to colleagues by posting information on their calendar, including the previously planned activities, and control of implementation - the division of tasks open / closed, and track their response.
Delegation/assignment of tasks
CRM7 streamlines the management of company resources shared by stationary and mobile employees(such as meeting rooms, maintenance equipment). It is possible to keep a calendar of booking reservation and generate graphs.
Management of shared resources
CRM7 allows you to create, edit and delete entries in the shared Knowledge Base, depending on the level of user rights. Observation of topics via RSS feed.
Creating and editing internal knowledge base

3. Marketing

  • Understanding the preferences of customers and ultimately increase in sales,,
  • Assistance with marketing campaigns tailored to the target groups,
  • Ability to perform a number of necessary operations, leading to an increase in number of customers, such as planning activities and supervision of their effects.
Managers can easily select the target group for the shipment (eg newsletter), or choose from pre-designed templates, and track responses to the shipment, and generate a report on this basis.
Mass mailing
In CRM7 a user can prepare professional materials determining customer satisfaction and expected demand for the new product. Development of survey is based on a dedicated report generator, so that the response time to customer feedback is reduced to a minimum.
Using the work of telemarketing solutions requires the use of specialized solutions. Companies Splitter Module assigns employees to carry phones with selected client base. This allows for centralized, efficient planning of the work of many people.
With CRM7 users have insight into current status of storage gadgets or folders. They can also generate reports of their marketing materials and take into account in the ongoing marketing campaigns.
Registration of provided advertising materials

4. Construction/modeling business processes

  • Ability to build and model procedures, reflecting business processes in a company,
  • Automatic planning of subsequent events, as defined by diagram of the proceedings,
  • Improving process of repetitive tasks.
Support of sales process from the sage of customer obtaining, by sending an offer, negotiating, to closing the project.
Sales processes
Contact with the customer does not end with the completion of the transaction. Equal of importance is after-sales activities such as handling complaints and service requests, which can be done from the CRM7.
Service processes
Documents can be both generated and transmitted through CRM7. Once made operational activities, you can also report taken actions related to the transfer of offers, invoices, etc.
Document handling processes
The system allows you to archive the key information about the candidates for employees or participants in meetings (such as training) and on this basis to carry out the recruitment process for the position or event.
Recruitment processes

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5. Sales and after-sales service

  • Registration and perform all operations of sales department at each stage of the sales cycle,
  • Supervision of the level of customer satisfaction and efficiency of the team,
  • Registration and management of service actions.
The process of service requests is based on the registration of details of inquiries, offers, and then checking the conditions of the contract. Information is registered via static or conditional forms.
Registration of inquiries and orders
Offering modules in CRM7 allow you to automatically create documents from the browser (via Office Launcher), based on data collected in the system, templates and popular word suits.
Creation of offers
The functionality allows you to assign firms to import users and groups selected at the same time creating a sales opportunity with an event in the calendar visible for individual employees.
Automatic planning of trade operations
You can optimize the costs associated with the work of sales representatives in the field. CRM7 present the information entered into the system in the form of transparent sales results on a map to develop the most effective sales network strategy.
Commercial route planning
Generating invoice documents such as invoice, credit note etc and automatic numbering of documents by the previously adopted numbering scheme. User can also define document templates and print them to PDF.
Generating invoices
Service module allows you to coordinate work of service team, manage actions such as complaint handling process, service calls, acceptance and settlement of work done in the field by service manager, based on service protocols, etc.
Service process management
Vindication module works with invoices, making it possible to automatically start the recovery procedure, when deadline of payment is passed. The system will automatically send a notification to the debtor and, if necessary, suspend services on its behalf.
Debt collection

6. Report Wizard

  • Reporting and forecasting actions based on information gathered in the system,
  • Presenting statements based on ready or user-defined templates,
  • Immediate planning further actions based on findings of the report.
Comparisons such as cost report, turnover, or invoices, allow for constant supervision over expenditure and revenue of a company. Analysis of the results allows you to enter needed changea in the strategy and improve financial condition of a company.
Carrying out any marketing campaign, such as mass mailing and conferences, requires further analysis of results, costs and profits of the venture. Report Wizard allows you to generate the necessary statements, showing interest in the target group or an event.
Report on realization of sale or offers potential will give an insight into company's market position. With sales funnel, youcan easily identify errors made and shortcomings to eliminate negative factors in the future at each stage of sale.
Report on realization of sale or offers potential will give an insight into company's market position. With sales funnel, you can easily identify errors made and shortcomings to eliminate negative factors in the future at each stage of sale.
The system allows supervision of the sales activity, which allows easy identification of the most effective sales and customer contact frequency.
Commercial activities

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7. Integration with external systems

  • Modern and secure IT infrastructure built on reliable network systems,
  • Alignment of data between applications in a company, through a constant flow of information from one system to another.
CRM7 integration with the accounting system provides, inter alia, supervision of the financial situation of the company, including controlling payment of payables and receivables and generate financial documents. Integrator can also be associated with the report module.
Financial and accounting system
The integration of storage systems is responsible for access to current information on the status of company’s stocks. You have access to data on the structure and content of available goods and the ability to accurately distinguish stored inventory items.
Storage System
Thanks to CallCenter7 module, cooperation between CRM7 and a telephone exchange used in the company is smooth - all calls automatically become elements of CRM7 processes.
Web Integrator enables smooth migration of data between the system and the website. Data integration can be covered by the inquiry and order forms for quotations, product specifications or contact.
CRM7 integrates with any email client (MS Outlook, Gmail, etc.) using IMAP. It allows for simultaneous use of any locally installed email program and the email client in parallel on different devices. Correspondence with the client is automatically taken from the designated accounts and permanently stored in the system.

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